CERC - Canada Research Chair in Remote Sensing of Canada’s New Arctic Frontier


Michel Lavoie

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Contact information:
Université Laval,
Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon
1045, avenue de la Médecine
Local VCH-2068,
Quebec city, (Quebec) G1V 0A6 Canada

Phone : 418-656-2131 ext. 7740
Fax : 418-656-2339
Email :

PDF Oceanography (2013 - Present)
NSERC and FRQNT Research Fellow
Takuvik Joint International Laboratory
ULaval (Canada) - CNRS (France)
Topic: DMSP and DMS production

PhD Aquatic Sciences (2008 - 2012)
Institut de la Recherche Scientifique - Eau Terre Environnement
Québec, QC

MSc Aquatic Sciences (2005 - 2007)
Institut de la Recherche Scientifique - Eau Terre Environnement
Québec, QC

BSc Biology (2001-2004)
Université du Québec à Rimouski

Research Interests:
Global biogeochemical cycles of trace elements, phosphorus, dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) and dimethlysulfide (DMS)
Ecophysiology of trace elements and DMSP in phytoplankton
Ecotoxicology of trace elements in phytoplankton

Lavoie M., Levasseur M. and Sunda W.G. 2015. A steady-state physiological model for intracellular dimethylsulfoxide concentrations in marine phytoplankton. Environ. Chem. In press.

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Lavoie M, Auclair J-C (2012) Phosphorus mobilization in softwater Shield lakes: the role of organic carbon and metal oxyhydroxides. Aquat. Geochem. 18: 327-341.
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